The First Step to Transform Your Life: An Introduction Class to Kabbalah

 In-Person/ online 

Unleash your full potential with the spiritual system that has transformed millions of lives. The power to look within, while grounding ourselves in the present, is one of the most transformative teachings of Kabbalah. Join us for this free master class on how to transform your reality by discovering the most fundamental and profound teachings and tools of Kabbalah.

Date(s): monday, January 08, 2024


Location: ibadan oyo state

Akala express off liberty academy

Sessions: 1

Price: MXN #250000

Instructor(s): Abayomi Esther 

Language: English language

Kabbalah and mysticism 101


Kabbalah and mysticism 101


Additional information


  • Our courses are delivered through the online learning management system, Zoom meeting and on Rite Aid gemology school campus.
  • Each week students receive lecture material in the form of video, and reading assignment.
  • Students participate in weekly discussions and activities which provide practical application of their skills and offers peer interaction and instructor feedback.
  • Progress is documented in weekly quizzes and a comprehensive final examination at the completion of each 4-week course.